Annual Show: Rainbow Classic

  2015 Rainbow Classic

Congratulations to all the participants! We broke the record of smiles this year! Thank you parents for sharing your kids with us and letting them grow with us! We hope you had fun and made great memories!

RB15 participnats  * on the picture: participants from session #2



Our program does not end with the annual show. All our programs are year round. Our schedule does not change in Summer. Besides classes, we also offer “All Sports” Summer Camp for ages 5-13. Please, stop by the front office for more information, or visit our website 

 Rainbow 2015 kids

Dear parents,

if you have made some good photos of your child on this event, please, share them with us! We thank you in advance!

Brown’s Gym Orbit Staff

Staff 2015











What happens at the Annual Show?

Your athlete will “show off” what they have learned during the year. The show is a low keyed, non-stressful, demonstration that is similar to a class. All the kids are out on all the equipment and working events at the same time. We set up chairs for the families to come out in the gym to sit and watch the action up close! Don’t forget your cameras for this awesome event.  We ask that the children check in and are ready for participation before that time. We will have a check in area for all the participants. After the program the children will be asked to sit down and then called up individually to receive their trophy.


Rainbow Leotards 2015 ARE AVALIABLE TO PURCHASE IN OUR PRO-SHOP! LIMITED EDDITION! The kids can wear any attire as what they would wear to class. Most kids would however wear their new Rainbow Leotard. Each year we have a different, custom made leotard specially designed for this event.  (please, look bellow)

SPEACIAL DEAL THIS WEEK! Buy 2 leotards for the regular price and save $20!


Due to restricted number of visitors in the gym (occupancy law), we ask that you kindly limit the number of guests you are inviting to watch your child. Please, understand that we are trying our best to make this event fun and safe for all.

The show will be about  90-120 minutes in length. The admission is free.  If your youngest spectators lose patience and start crying, please, take them out to avoid disruption.


Parking will be at a premium, but if not our parking lot, you will be able to park at Spring Lake Elementary across the street. (Please, watch your kids closely when crossing the street). 


In order to take part in this event without any interruption, please make sure you have no balance on your account. All fees (tuition, membership etc) must be up-to-date. Please, stop by the front desk, or call to check your account.






Our Staff is Safety & Gym-Cert Certified! Trainers Provide the Highest Standard in Safety & Performance!