Brown’s Gym Orbit is proud of the rich history of its location. The building of Brown’s Gym Orbit used to be a world famous Brown’s Gymnastics that used to be a Gymnastics, Jr. Olympic Training Center.
  • 2004 USA Olympian – Mohini Bhardwaj (USA)
  • 2004 USA National Team Members
  • 2003 USA National Team Members
  • 2002 USA National Team Members
  • 2001 World Championships Bronze Medalist – Mohini Bhardwaj
  • 1997 World Championship Team Member – Mohini Bhardwaj
  • 1996 Olympian – Eileen Diaz (Puerto Rico)
  • 1996 Olympian – Shane de Fraitas (Barbados)
  • 1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist – Wendy Bruce (USA)
  • 1989 World Championship Silver Medalist – Brandy Johnson (USA)
  • 1989 World Championship Team Member – Wendy Bruce (USA)
  • 1988 Olympian – Brandy Johnson (USA)

RITA BROWN, a USA World Team and Olympic Coach, has coached and trained athletes in the 2004, 1996, 1992, and 1988 Olympic Games. Ms. Brown is a graduate of the University of Florida & a certified teacher of physical education. She has been coaching gymnastics for over twenty five years.Under her coaching, over twenty-five gymnasts have qualified to the USA National Teams. Rita is renown for qualifying gymnasts to the Jr. and Sr. Elite Program and for producing high level gymnasts who continue their gymnastics careers on full scholarships. Gymnasts representing Brown’s Gymnastics and the United States have earned over 100 National and International Medals.

Rita Brown represents the United States as a National Team Coach and provides her expertise to the United States Gymnastics Federation, serving as a member of the USA Gymnastics Foundation Board of Directors and past USAG Finance Committee Board Member. She developed RB Brown Consulting Group and travels throughout the United States providing consultation to improve current programs and initiate new facilities and programs. Rita also licensesthe Brown’s Gymnastics name & programs. She has written 10 Safety and Instructional Manuals for GYMCERT which is an online interactive training management system used for Certifying Gymnastics Coaches. GymCert books and online courses are available for purchase at www.gymcert.com . GymCert is proud to announce it is an official authorized education provider for USA Gymnastics University.


Owners: Dragana Dosen & Cheda Vragovic
After ending their athletic carriers as National champions and national team members (Dragana in gymnastics and Cheda in Karate), Cheda and Dragana graduated at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia (Dept of Physical Education) and as prestigious graduates, immediately got jobs as College Assistants at the same University. Right before their last Master’s Degree exam, Dragana got her contract with a Gymnastics Club in Nashua, New Hampshire and they moved to the USA. That was 18 years ago. In only 7 years they produced many State Champions in NH but continued to dream about owning their own school. The opportunity came, and they moved to Minnesota where they successfully ran their multi-disciplinary school and again, had many state champions, this time in gymnastics, karate and dance. Driven for success, Dragana and Cheda felt they could do even more. They sold their thriving business and moved to Florida in December of 2010.

The focus of the new management team is not only on individually talented athletes that show world class potential, but on all children who have the desire to enjoy the benefits of gymnastics. Brown’s Gym Orbit with its great staff celebrates every child’s good effort and has programs to develop good habits, body awareness, discipline and an appreciation for the importance of physical activity starting at an early age.

Most kids are explorers and enjoy trying different sports. Our state of the art facility has over 22 000 sq ft, making us an excellent location to expand our physical education efforts. Our newest programs are: KARATE, DANCE and CHEER.  Children have an opportunity to try it all with no obligation or any long term contracts. Brown’s Gym Orbit offers classes during the morning, evening and Saturdays year round. Plus, with all new “fun” equipment (zip line, 18 ft inflatable bounce house, climbing nets, and more) Brown’s host unforgettable Birthday parties at an affordable price!

Gymnastics training provides the essential core athletic elements necessary for success in many sports. Children who participate in gymnastics develop better balance, strength and flexibility.  Plus, it is still one the most popular sports. As Physical Education professionals, we understand that activities like gymnastics are most beneficial to children if they participle two or more times per week. For this reason Brown’s Gym Orbit offers a huge discount (25-40%) off of a child’s second or more classes during the same week. We also offer the same type of discounts to siblings. In this hard economic time, our goal is to help families of this community keep their children’s health a top priority.

Customers’ Testimonials

Such a wonderful staff and great attitudes all around, everyone was so helpful! Not only are we members here but we did a birthday party here and they were very accommodating, friendly and helpful! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!” ~ Vonetta Y.
“Browns gym orbit is the BEST place for gymnastics, dance, ballet, karate and birthday parties! Amazing staff, clean, fun and safe environment! Children advance in their skills and development! Staff who truly care about children’s safety and inspire them to achieve their goals and growth in all aspects of their development. Fun and structured environment with extra features such as a rock climbing wall, indoor playground and bounce house!!! Kids always leave smiling!” ~ Jen T.
” I just wanted to take two second to let you know what an amazing team of trainers you have. Every Saturday I bring my daughter and have not yet see any sad, grumpy or not focused face in any of your Staff. As a parent it means a lot. Huge thanks & kuddos to everyone!” ~ Paulina Q.
“I had previously had my daughter at Brown’s. We took some time off and decided to return. Upon my return I was amazed at all the wonderful changes that were made. Brown’s now offers additional sports options and everything has been updated. Its wonderful to come to Brown’s. We are happy we came back and grateful for all the positive changes!” – Rosse R.
“I recommend Brown’s to everyone who has kids” – Yoanit P.
“We tried Browns several times over the years and my girls never enjoyed it until now.
While gymnastics is still the focal point, the addition of dance, theatre and soccer are fantastic. All programs can enhance the overall experience. Great Cardio, balance and one can’t say enough about the theatre and the benefit it offers students. Theatre has also been linked to better school performance and grades.
I can’t say enough about the new owners either. I could not believe their physical form when they took to the floor to instruct classes themselves. You can see their love and appreciation of sports is genuine. I especially appreciate their respect, pride and consideration in taking over and enhancing an established business. They truly lead by example! We appreciate the European flavor and welcomed it to the community” – Samntha T.
“I want you to know Jake is so great with the kids. He works so well and patient with the children; you can see they love him.” ~ Darlene S.
“…my daughter was on the fence for awhile because of her nerves/anxiety, but I think she has been growing more confident because of you and Cheda. The girls did great last weekend thanks to you and your hard work.  My girls are so excited every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to go to gymnastics.” ~C. Savage, Team Parent
“I wanted to let you know how much my girls are enjoying practice with you and Cheda. Their overwhelming love and interest in gymnastics has returned and we are so grateful. They had started to lose interest over the past 6 months because they were not really progressing. In just the past few weeks we have seen improvement in their skills. Even the girls notice. They have commented on how much harder they feel they are working and how much better and stronger they are becoming (and they like it!). ” M. Dearth, Team Parent
“Coach Bonnie has helped my daughter grow so much in her gymnastics! 💙💚 My girl has only been in gymnastics a little over a year, I can’t get over all of her accomplishments in such a short time and at such a young age which is exactly why I drive her 30 minutes away t0 Brown’s Gym Orbit . Such a great gym with awesome coaches!” – Jennifer T.
“Thank you Brown’s Gym Orbit! My kids love the coaches and enjoy coming to their classes”-  Cheyonna S.

Our Staff is Safety & Gym-Cert Certified! Trainers Provide the Highest Standard in Safety & Performance!