Private Lessons

Pay for block of 5 lessons and save $25!

Private lessons are available with Brown’s Gym Orbit instructors when schedules allow.  You may take a private lesson 1:1 or a semi-private 1:2, for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Private lessons are offered to both members and non-members. Non-members must have liability form sign by their parent/guardian.

  •  First you need to pick the coach, schedule a private class with him/her, and then contact the office for payment.

      1. If you want to receive a lower (member rate) for private classes, you need to have a current yearly membership ($40/year)
      2. All privates need to be paid ahead of the class. In case the payment was not received ahead of a class, no discounts will apply (will pay non-member rate) and late fee of $10 will be added. If after 1 class you have not paid your balance, your card on file will be charged. If the payment does not go through, you will not be allowed to continue with classes until balance is paid.
      3. Parents are responsible for stopping by the front desk to approve the charge on the card on file before each class or set of classes. Parents are also responsible of keeping track of classes.
      4. If you have paid for 30 minute class ($40/non member, $35 member) for example and then decided to do 1 hour semi private ($45 each member/$50 each non-member), you need to inform the office to pay the difference in price.
      5. You must arrive to the private class on time. If you come late, the coach will not extend the class. You are not allowed to come earlier to your private class to do the stretch. Stretch will be part of your class.
      6. Keep in mind, you may pick the coach but he/she would schedule your child according to his/hers availability on a first come-first serve basis. Our class schedule changes from time to time, so please understand if the coach has to reschedule your private class as they are obligated to give priority to our regular classes. However, the coach is obligated to give you at least 2 hour notice prior to the scheduled private. If you cannot make it to the private, we need to receive a notice at least 2 hours ahead.

If you are interested in taking private lessons please contact the front desk at 407-869-8744. The office staff will help coordinate your lesson with an available coach.

Private Instruction Rates for Members 1:1

Non-Members pay $5 extra

Full Hour $65.00
Half Hour $35.00

Pay for block of 5 lessons and save $25!