Team Program

State Champions 2018

Team Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 brought home total of 37 gold medals from their State championships!  Team Level 1 took 2nd Place, Team Level 2 took 3rd Place and Team Level 3 took 2nd place respectively. Brown’s had even 9 All Around individual champions this year! Way to go Brown’s!


Previous results from 2018…

Our Teams are brining back many trophies from their 1st competitions this season!

At Rockoctober Fest both level 2 and Level 3 took 1st Place! Level 1 team took 2nd place respectively. Our girls also took many 1st places in individual competition.

Previous years…

FL USAG Season 2017

Team Level 2 won the FL State Meet 2017. The girls Level 1 took 2nd place. Gisella Jones took 1st place in all around competition! All together the girls competed in many age categories and brought home 13 gold medals. Congratulations to all the girls and coaches Chris and Nina!

FL USAG Season 2016

Team Level 1 brought back SILVER TROPHY from the FL States 2016 and even 23 medals!!!


GENERAL INFO: Your child’s selection and placement on our team is based on your child’s potential to learn gymnastics at a faster pace than the majority of peer participants. Faster learning is predicated by strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and psychological readiness. The ability to master gymnastics skills is, in part, determined by height, weight and overall physical proportions. Our coaching staff determines the placement of athletes with our team and developmental programs based on the following criteria: 1.skill level, 2. success at current level, 3. individual desire, 4. coachability, 5. competitive experience, 6. age, 7. attendance, 8. mental attitude, 9. potential success at higher levels, 10. parental support  Placement on Brown’s Gym teams are by invitation only. There are two ways in which a child can receive an invitation to join our team.

  • They can come to our program from another team program. In this case the gymnast is invited to train with our team at their current level for up to a week during which time they are evaluated as to skill level, aptitude and attitude.
  • Children within our recreational class program are “discovered” because of superior interest or skill level.

The specific mission of Brown’s Gym is to develop happy, healthy and confident children. One way in which we can meet this demanding goal is to place the gymnasts at the level where they can be happy, safe, and confident. What this means is that the gymnast must be able to perform the skills and routines required at a given level comfortably. The skills should not be at the edge of or beyond her ability level. We can never ask or expect our athletes to perform skills or routines in a competition which they cannot perform consistently in practice. Any gymnast interested in joining the Brown’s Gym Team Program must go through tryouts or evaluation. The tryouts are important because they insure that we can place the children within our program where they will be the most happy and successful. Please contact the head team coach at Brown’s in Altamonte for more information about the team program and requirements.

   A brief description of our Team and Team Prep levels:

OLYMPIC TOTS This is our youngest selection of talented girls. Olympic Tots practice 2x 1h per week. Ages 4-5
JETS By invitation only! We select girls from Olympic Tots by also from our pre-school and recreational program. Ages 5-7. Jets is a bit more intensive program (2x 1.5h) and is a prep for our pre-team program.
PRE-TEAM Pre-Team is chosen from Jets, but also from our recreational program. Ages 5-7. Pre-team practices 2x 2 h and is taught by our team coaches.
Team L1-5  Brown’s Gym Orbit is USAG member. These are compulsory levels. Our team practices from 6-9 hours per week. Competitions are mandatory. The children are chosen from our pre-team. Ages 6-12
 XCEL  TEAM  Xcel program is a lower pace team program. The girls practice 4-6 hours per week. Ages 6-15. The girls are chosen from recreational program. All competitions are mandatory.


Please, contact Brown’s Gym Orbit for additional information about the Girls Gymnastics Competitive Team.