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All participants must have signed WAIVER!

  • Brown’s Gym Orbit Sports Academy requires a “30 DAY WRITTEN NOTICE” PRIOR TO MONTH DROPPING. This notice must be received by the 1st of the Month PRIOR to the month dropping. You are responsible for full payment for the month you fail to give notice. Failure to give notice makes you responsible for one month of classes.
  • $45 NSF fee will be charged to all checks & $10.00 to all credit cards declines for non-sufficient funds.
  •  One make up per month is permited (1/1). Make-ups must be scheduled through the Front Desk AFTER the class was missed. Make-ups must be completed within 30 days of missed class. Any program (except team) may be considered for make-up. If there is no other choice due to a schedule conflict, a free open gym may used as a make-up. Sorry, there are no make-ups for make-ups allowed.  There are no make-ups allowed after the child has been dropped from program. There are no make-ups for karate students and team members.
  • Participation in gymnastics, karate, cheer, soccer and dance activities involves motion, rotation, and height in a unique environment and as such, carries with it the risk of injury. I am voluntarily registering my child to participate in this activity with knowledge of the risks involved, and hereby agree to accept any and all inherent risks of property damage, personal injury or death.
  • Brown’s Gym Orbit Sports Academy operates on a fiscal year from August through July and that classes are year round. Annual membership $40/member and $15/siblings. Renewal is due on their registration anniversary.
  • Tuition will only be pro-rated the month of registration if necessary. No other months will be pro-rated.
  • Monthly payments are based on a 4-class month (or 8 classes if the child attends twice a week.) Please follow the monthly gym calendar. When the gym is closed for any reason, and the student does not get 4 classes, make up class need to be scheduled. When we have a 5-week month, only 4 weeks are used for scheduled classes. Tuition is based on 48 weeks per year. Brown’s calendars are available at the front desk.
  • No refunds for any reason.
  • There are 3 students minimum required to keep the class open.
  • Additional events: Open Gyms, Camps, Flip Flop Shop Clinincs etc require pre-registration. Additional 10% fee will be charged at the door. Less then minimum of 5 students pre-registered may result in cancelation of the event.
  • Children must wear appropriate attire. NEW! Leotards for girls 3+ are required! Gym shorts (mini shorts) over the leotard are acceptable for girls. Work-out uniform for boys: shorts and T shirts.  Long hair must be tied back and please no dangling earrings.
  • Parents may stay and observe the classes, or may leave during the class and come back on time to pick up their child. Late pick up charge is $5/each 15 minutes and $1/each minute after the last class that day.

      Drop Form (fax to 407-869-0774)

For your convenience, we accept drops via emails, too. Here is an example of an appropriate drop form:


Browns Gym,
Please let this serve as a written cancelation of  your student, our child ________________(name) in your _____________(day, time, level) class. Please do not charge the credit card on  file anymore than required as per your policy agreement I signed.
Thank you
(Your Name)



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To get this special deal, all of your referrals need to be new members who have never done classes at Brown’s. All of the referrals get one FREE TRIAL and have to register in the same month. At the time of registration they need to state it in writing who they were referred by.