Gymnastics is an ancient discipline that provides proper body development and good posture.

By developing strong bodies, we also develop strong minds. Gymnastics builds muscles, but it also builds confidence, focus, respect and discipline. Regular training in gymnastics starting at an early age, helps children develop good habits and a strong work ethic. Gymnastics is an ideal sports activity for boys and girls that provides basics for any other sport.

Gymnastics training provides the essential athletic elements necessary for success in many sports.

Children who participate in gymnastics develop better balance, strength and flexibility. As Physical Education professionals, we understand that activities like gymnastics are most beneficial to children if they participle two or more times per week.

Brown’s Gym Orbit instructors are all former athletes, and are all safety certified and background checked.

We are proud of these young people who are chosen to work with your children based on their experience, but also on their exemplary moral qualities. Most importantly, our staff love kids and are striving to reach a full potential of each individual child.




The Parent-Tot Program is for the walking tot and their parent/guardian (not a grandparent). Tots will enjoy soft, fun, interesting and colorful adventure throughout the gym. This program is geared for children ages 18 months to 36-40 months. When the child turns 3 it does not go to Tiny Tot program automatically neither it must move up immediately. Class focuses on introduction of new social skills through development of basic motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. Each class begins with a group warm-up on the floor exercise area, then an obstacle course for challenging the tots by crawling, climbing, rolling, jumping and proper landing positions. One adult must accompany one student. Each child receives a sticker or stamp at the completion of the class! All our Parent-Tot Classes are 35 minutes. This class is highly recommended as our experience shows that kids who took this class, learn much faster and cooperate much better at their next level.

Parent Waiver


The Tiny-Tot Program is for ages 3-4 with no parents. Parents may observe from the bleachers in the gym, from the toddlers room downstairs or from an observation room located upstairs. Our certified instructors are focused on LEARNING THROUGH FUN! Children will playfully learn introduction to basic gymnastics, motor skills and basic creative movement skills in a FUN, age appropriate class that blends physical, cognitive and daily living skills. This class helps develops social interaction by teaching the tots how to follow directions, while being introduced to fundamental gymnastics positions and elements. The equipment is geared toward the smaller child and is set at age appropriate settings. Brown’s Gym Orbit pre-school class plan changes every two weeks, where the first week is introductory and second one is repetition. Warm-up with music on the floor exercise area is followed with challenging obstacle course plus 2 or 3 rotations on the gymnastics equipment. Class finishes with each child receiving a sticker, coloring page and/or stamp! All our Tiny Tots Classes are 40 minutes long. If your child is joining our program at age 4, we recommend starting with Tiny Tots!


The Super-Tot Program is for ages 4-5. Children will explore challenging gymnastics and age appropriate motor skill combinations on the pre-school size equipment. The class begins with a warm-up stretch and finishes with a fun activity, like foam pit, play house, zip-line etc. There will be 2 or 3 rotations on the gymnastics equipment which includes low balance beam, low single bars, in-ground trampoline, monkey bar, rings and the tumble track. Parents may observe from the bleachers in the gym, from the toddlers room downstairs or from an observation room located upstairs. All our Super Tots Classes are 45 minutes.



Advanced Kinder Class (by invitation only) This 55 min class is designed for 4 and 5 years old who have been minimum of 6 months in Super Tot Program. This is a slightly more structured class where students will be learning Level 1 skills on a preschool size equipment. Although many parents desire this class thinking the child will benefit from it more, we hesitate to enroll kids to this class as they tend to lose interest quicker due to more serious approach. Preschool children love to learn through play. Our main goal in tot program is to develop long lasting love for sport of gymnastics, and putting children too early into longer and more demanding class, may just do the opposite.


The class meets two times per week for an hour. By invitation only! If your child is not 6 years old yet, but Super Tots level is too easy for her (just for girls), please check with the instructor if the child is ready for the Olympic Tot class.


Jets Class is designed for children who show talent for gymnastics and are willing to work towards competitive program. Practices occur twice a week for 90 minutes. Students are expected to attend regularly both classes each week. Proper progressions are followed with increase emphasis on technique and good form. Strength and flexibility are main criterion for choosing children for this program and are also a big part of training.



At age 6 classes are split by gender. All Recreational Classes are 55 minutes. Olympic size equipment are used, but fun additional equipment like trampolines, tumble track, climbing ropes etc. are used to develop coordination, strength, agility and overall fitness. The classes are very structured and focused on proper technique. Brown’s is a part of USA Gymnastics and it follows its program. Each level follows certain progressions suggested by USAG. At each hour all classes are warming up together and after that the students are split by level. After the warm up, students will be training on up to 3 events each time they come for class.
These are developmental levels and they have not been designed with competition in mind. However, Brown’s does host the Rainbow classic (annual show) and all students are invited to take part. If you child is showing exceptional talent, our coaches will invite your child to to consider competitive program.

Level 1 is a BEGINNERS’ level. It takes several months to overcome each level, but how fast will a student progress depends on how often student practices. Students who come 2 or more times per week, definitely move up faster.
Level 2-4 Harder skills require more strength, more flexibility and with that said, they also require more practicing. Learning proper gymnastics is a process and it takes huge number of repetition before the skill is actually executed correctly and safely. For this reason we highly recommend practicing at least twice a week.

When your child is placed in a level it is based on their flexibility, strength, and current level skills on all the apparatus. A child may have higher skills one apparatus and be below average on the others. Therefore, they are placed in the level of their lower apparatus skills to guarantee they will be in a safe environment and also at a level where they feel competent.

Students who are taking 2 or more classes per week, progress faster! Advancement to the next level is based on the completion of skill/routines in the child’s current level. Your child’s coach keeps an up-to-date chart on each child. The coach can easily give you a progress report. We encourage you to talk with your child’s coach for a progress report or if you have any questions regarding your child’s training.

As their skill level increases they will be advanced to the next level. There is really no set time frame for advancement. It depends on the child’s natural ability, number of hours of training each week, and their desire to achieve a higher skill level. We encourage at least 2 hours of training each week.


Brown's Gym Orbit Team is a PRIVILEGE and a COMMITMENT

Our goal is to achieve the maximum potential of each of our students by providing the best quality of teaching. We follow USA gymnastics program, and strive to develop self-esteem, discipline and good working ethic.

We like to win, but winning is not our priority – children, and their overall development, are. We respect each student and require their respect in return, respect for each other, and each person on our team, and opponent teams. Our mission is building mentally and physically strong children proud of their achievements.

Our Junior Olympic Team Level 1-4 brought home even 21 gold medal from their State Meet 2019! Amara Carter won all around in Level 1, Ella Concepcion won all around in Level 2, and Gisella Jones and Audrey Robinson won all around in Level 4, each in their own age category. Our Team Level 2 earned the most points and took 1st Place!

Our Junior Olympic Team Level 1-3 brought home over 30 gold medals from their State meet 2018! At the same time even 9 girls won all around in their age groups.

Junior Olympics program Levels 1-3 are considered “Developmental,” meaning they are for developing proficiency requirements in the USAG Entry and Mobility Chart. Levels 4-5 are “Compulsory” in that they are progressive in nature and require each athlete to compete the exact same routine during competitions. Levels 6-10 are the “Optional” levels. Women’s Artistic JO Level 1-10 scores range from 0-10.00 for each of the four events. The annual culmination of Levels 1-7 is the State Championship, while qualified Levels 8 and up compete at the Regional level. At Level 9 athletes may also advance to compete at a (Eastern or Western) National Championship, while qualified Level 10s may advance to the National Championships.
The XCEL Program was created as a national program in 2013. XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. There are five divisions in the XCEL program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All of the XCEL divisions compete with optional routines and need to follow only 4-5 routine requirements. Basically each gymnast can have her routine choreographed for her personality and individual strengths and weaknesses. With that being said, XCEL Program generally is not as requiring, but it still allows girls to experience and enjoy competitions.

Brown’s Gym Orbit offers private lessons for our current members as well as non-members. Whether you need to perfect a cartwheel or work on your double-full, someone at Brown’s can help you. Private instruction will definitely enhance skill learning. If you child is “stuck” in certain level, or has been recently promoted to a higher level, we highly recommend taking several private lessons. You will be amazed with the progress and confidence your child would gain!

How does it work?

  • Pick a Coach
  • Share your goals with him/her
  • Come to front desk and pay
  • Keep track of your classes



Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minutes private or semi-private classes

Coaches’ class schedule changes due to the enrollment fluctuations during the year and with that, their availability changes, too. Please understand that our coaches must put priority to their class schedule. To make it fair for you, when canceling, they are obligated to give you at least two hours notice. We ask that you also follow the “two hour rule” and give your coach at least two hours notice ahead of a scheduled private class when canceling. Thank you!

Open Gym at Brown’s Gym Orbit gives your child an extra chance to work on their skills or just come in and burn off some energy with their friends in the gym.

They have access to trampolines, the floor, bars, beam, and the pit. Coaches are on hand to assist with skills and supervise the children while they play and learn.

Members and non-members are welcome! All participants must have signed waiver. Call in advance to book your spot. Minimum 4 students required. Brown’s keeps the right to cancel the event  if insufficient number of students are registered.

Ages: 6-17 years

Fridays  7:00-8:00 pm
Members: $8, Non-Members: $10

Saturdays 11:00 am – 12:30 pmMembers: $10, Non-Members: $12 (non-members must be 6-14 years old)

Homeschool Gymnastics

We offer classes specifically designed for home-school students for ages 4-6 & 6-12! Once a week your child may come to Brown’s for an hour gymnastics class taught by professionals. We offer special group rates for groups of 10 children.

Organize a group and have your child participate free of charge!

Things you must know!

  • You need to commit to 1 month.
  • Payment is due at the 1st class.
  • There are no make ups if your child misses a class.
  • Every child must have a signed waiver by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Children need to come dressed in athletic clothes (leotard for girls if they have one). No jeans, buttons or zippers. Bare foot in the gym.
Please, call for more information

MAY 21th, 2022

The 12th Annual Gym Show

2022 Rainbow Classic
for all students from Toddlers to TEAM in Gymnastic and Karate.

Yearly show Rainbow Classic 2022, was a success! We are grateful for another day full of energy, smiles and pride in yet another milestone in our students lives!

The annual event Rainbow Classic traditionally takes place in May of each year. Performing in front of a large audience is a part of a process of building mentally strong young people. As a recognition of their hard work, dedication and persistence, each student will receive a trophy!
The official Rainbow Classic leotard, specifically designed for this event, is included in your fee ($42 value). Boys will receive a Brown’s T-Shirt.