Private Lessons

Brown’s Gym Orbit offers private lessons for our current members as well as non-members. Whether you need to perfect a cartwheel or work on your double-full, someone at Brown’s can help you. Private instruction will definitely enhance skill learning. If you child is “stuck” in certain level, or has been recently promoted to a higher level, we highly recommend taking several private lessons. You will be amazed with the progress and confidence your child would gain!

How does it work?

  • Pick a Coach
  • Share your goals with him/her
  • Come to front desk and pay
  • Keep track of your classes


Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minutes private or semi-private classes

Coaches’ class schedule changes due to the enrollment fluctuations during the year and with that, their availability changes, too. Please understand that our coaches must put priority to their class schedule. To make it fair for you, when canceling, they are obligated to give you at least two hours notice. We ask that you also follow the “two hour rule” and give your coach at least two hours notice ahead of a scheduled private class when canceling. Thank you!