WELCOME To Brown’s Gym Orbit


We are happy to have you in our program!

Building self-confidence and fitness through progressive gymnastics, dance, and karate in a fun environment is Brown’s ultimate goal. Brown’s offers year-round programs and the schedule stays the same during the summer months.

Here are few most important rules and policies:

  • Your MONTHLY TUITION covers 4 classes a month (one class per week) per our gym calendar. Monthly tuition is due on the 1 st of each month!
  • WE OFFER 10% OFF SIBLING DISCOUNT for the 1st child and 20% OFF all other siblings. Their 2nd CLASS in a week is also 10% discounted. (all programs except karate). Annual membership for siblings is prorated by $15.
  • DRESS CODE: Proper attire for classes are as follows: Girls 3 and older are REQUIRED to wear a Leotard. These can be purchased at our Pro Shop or elsewhere. Hair MUST be pulled back at all times. Boys can wear gym shorts and a T-Shirt. NO JEANS
  • MOVING TO ANOTHER CLASS: If the class day and time does not fit your schedule any more, please, feel free to change to a different class at any time. Come in to make sure there is space available in your desired class and to fill out the move form.
  • MAKE UPS: We understand things happen and you may not be able to make class. If you miss a day of class you may call (best time to call regarding make-ups is in between 10 AM and 3 PM) or come in to schedule 1 make-up class per month (for all programs, except Karate and Competitive Team). Do not call ahead, call us after your child has missed the class. Don’t rush! As long as you are still registered in our program, you have 30 days to do a make-up. You can always do make ups in a different program as long as it is an age appropriate class and that way have a try in that program. If no class is available for make-up, your child may come to the Open Gym free of charge. If you have scheduled a make up and missed to come, you cannot schedule a make up for make up. During summer months (June-August) we will allow 2 make-ups per month.
  • DROPPING A CLASS: If for any reason you have to drop a class, please plan ahead, so we can also plan our classes and keep the appropriate teacher-student ratio. A written notice stating that you will be discontinuing classes MUST be received minimum of 30 days prior to the month dropping. EXAMPLE: If today is September 25th we must receive your notice BEFORE October 1st to drop the class for November. You can come to the office and fill out a drop form, or download it and email us at drops@brownsgym.com If this notice is not received on time you will still be responsible for payment, even if your child is not able to participate.