Gymnastics is an ancient discipline that provides proper body development and good posture.

By developing strong bodies, we also develop strong minds. Gymnastics builds muscles, but it also builds confidence, focus, respect and discipline. Regular training in gymnastics, starting at an early age, helps children develop good habits and a strong work ethic. Gymnastics training provides the essential athletic elements necessary for success in many sports. Children who participate in gymnastics develop better balance, strength and flexibility. As Physical education professionals, we understand that activities like gymnastics are most beneficial to children if they participate two or more times per week. Brown’s Gym Orbit instructors are all former athletes, they are all safety certified and background checked. Our staff love children and are striving to reach the full potential of each individual child. 

For the maximum benefits of gymnastics we highly recommend a minimum of 2 classes per week. For this reason we give 10% off your 2nd class. Siblings also receive a 10-20% discount. 


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