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Brown’s Gym Orbit Tot ProgramsThe fun of a rope swing

The “Parent-Tot” Program is for the walking tot and their parent (not a grandparent). Tots will enjoy soft, fun, interesting and colorful adventure throughout the gym. This program is geared for children ages 18 months – 36 months. Class focuses on learning social skills through development of basic motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. Each class begins with a group warm-up on the floor exercise area, then an obstacle course for challenging the tots by crawling, climbing, rolling, jumping and proper landing positions. Each child receives a sticker or stamp at the completion of the class! All our Parent-Tot Classes are 35 minutes. This class is highly recommended as our experience shows that kids who took this class, learn much faster and cooperate much better at their next level.

All parents participants must sign a WAIVER for themselves

The “Tiny-Tot” Program is for ages 3-4 and is for the tot only. Parents may observe from the upstairs observation room. Our certified instructors are focused on LEARNING THROUGH FUN! Children will playfully learn introduction to basic gymnastics, motor skills and basic creative movement skills in a FUN, age appropriate class that blends physical, cognitive and daily living skills. This class helps develops social interaction by teaching the tots how to follow directions,  while being introduced to positions and fundamental gymnastics equipment. The equipment is geared toward the smaller child and is set at age appropriate settings. Brown’s Gym Orbit pre-school class plan changes every two weeks, where the first week is introductory and second one is repetition. Warm-up with music on the floor exercise area is followed with challenging obstacle course plus 2 or 3 rotations on the gymnastics equipment. Class finishes with each child receiving a sticker, coloring page and/or stamp! All our Tiny Tots Classes are 40 minutes long.

The “Super-Tot” Program is for ages 4-5 experienced tots that have been promoted from Tiny Tots or a previous gymnastics program. Pre-request is Tiny Tots and children will be invited into this class. Class is for the tot only and parents may observe from the observation room located upstairs, or they may enter the gym and observe close by. Children will explore challenging gymnastics and age appropriate motor skill combinations on the pre-school size equipment. The class begins with a warm-up stretch and finishes with a fun activity, like foam pit, play house, zip-line etc. There will be 2  or 3 rotations on the gymnastics equipment which includes low balance beam, low single bars, in-ground trampoline, monkey bar, rings and the tumble track.  All our Super Tots Classes are 45 minutes.

We also offer more instructive Tots Classes:  Olympic Tots (2x 55 min). If your child is not 6 years old yet, but Super Tots level is too easy for her, please inquire about our Jets and Pre-Team programs.

Browns Rainbow Program For Levels 1-5 (age 6+)

About the Rainbow Program

The Rainbow Program at Brown’s Gymnastics is a reward system for advancement through Levels 1-3. Students will receive ribbons at the end of the session for the skills/routines the have accomplished. Once they master the skills in their current level they will be promoted to the next corresponding color and/or level. Your child’s coach will inform you when they are ready to move. The progression of skills/routines was developed by United States Gymnastics. Training is provided in flexibility, strength, and the progression of skills on the apparatus.

Rock Wall


At age 6 classes are split by gender. The children have better attention span and the classes are extended to 55 minutes. Olympic size equipment are used. The classes are more instructional and focused on proper technique and safety, but we do not exclude the FUN! Cooperative games and fun additional equipment are used to develop coordination, strength, agility and overall fitness. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND MINIMUM OF 2 CLASSES PER WEEK &  GIVE THE BEST DISCOUNT FOR 2ND  CLASS (even 25%)

   About Levels 1-5

These are developmental levels and they have not been designed with competition in mind. However, Brown’s does host the Rainbow classic and Tiny Tot Olympics (See Competitions) for students in the recreational gymnastics classes. All gymnasts must master the basic skills introduced at these levels in order to advance to competitive gymnastics.

Level One Red
Level Two Yellow
Level Three Blue

Level Four : Choose Recreational or Entry Level Competitive Gymnastics Track


When your child is placed in a level it is based on their flexibility, strength, and current level skills of on all the apparatus. A child may have higher skills one apparatus and be below average on the others. Therefore, they are placed in the level of their lower apparatus skills to guarantee they will be in a safe environment and also at a level where they feel competent.


Students who are taking 2 or more classes per week, progress faster! Advancement to the next level is based on the completion of skill/routines in the child’s current level. Your child’s coach keeps an up-to-date chart on each child. The coach can easily give you a progress report. We encourage you to talk with your child’s coach for a progress report or if you have any questions regarding your child’s training.

As their skill level increases they will be advanced to the next highest level. There is really no set time frame for advancement. It depends on the child’s natural ability, number of hours of training each week, and their desire to achieve a higher skill level. We encourage at least 2 hours of training each week.

Girls Recreational Program: Age 6+

In these classes the fundamentals of gymnastics will be taught on all four of the girls’ events including:

  • Vault
  • Uneven BarTeam Girls and th etrophy small
  • Balance Beam
  • Floor Exercise


  • Trampoline
  • Tumble Track
  • Foam Pit
  • Strength & Conditioning


Each class begins with a general warm-up and stretching. During the class the children will work on three pieces of equipment each week. Emphasis will be placed on learning new skills/routines for the Rainbow Program as well as reinforcing good basic fundamentals. Strong emphasis is placed on body awareness and safety.

Boys Recreational Program

This program focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics on the boys’ competitive events:

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  • Vault
  • Floor Exercise/Tumble
  • Rings
  • High Bar
  • Parallel Bars
  • Pommel Horse


 As well as…

  • Mushroom
  • Trampoline
  • Tumble Track
  • Strength & Conditioning

Each class begins with a general warm-up and stretching. During the class the children will work on three pieces of equipment each week. Emphasis will be placed on learning new skills/routines for the Rainbow Program as well as reinforcing good basic fundamentals. Strong emphasis is placed on body awareness and safety.

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