Ballet classes coming soon!


Step into the enchanting world of Kid’s Ballet. Our classes blend grace and fun with technique, encouraging young dancers to express themselves with poise and confidence, creating a foundation for a lifelong love of dance.

At Brown’s Gym Ballet, we provide the perfect introduction to kindle your child’s love for dance. Little ones will enjoy music, rhythm, and movement, fostering not just their physical energy and vitality but also nurturing their boundless imagination.

Our ballet classes for preschool and grade school-age children are crafted to nurture skills and technique while ensuring a fun dance experience. Whether it’s their first class or they’re continuing in our program, your child will joyfully express themselves through dance, making every step a delightful journey for both them and you. 

Designed for ages 5+
Annual Fee of $45/child and $30/siblings is due at the time of registration

Curious about all the excitement? Dive into the fun with a complimentary class at Brown’s Gym! Experience firsthand the joy and energy that fills our gym – because the best way to know is to join in the laughter and discover the fun for yourself!