Recreational Classes

Dive into the world of gymnastics with our Recreational Gymnastics Classes. Designed for all skill levels, these classes offer a blend of fun and skill-building, providing a dynamic and inclusive environment for children to explore and enhance their gymnastic abilities.

Flips, Fun, and Fitness!

At the age of 6, classes are divided by gender, offering 55-minute Recreational Classes using Olympic-sized equipment, trampolines, tumble tracks, climbing ropes, and more. With a focus on coordination, strength, agility, and overall fitness, our structured classes prioritize proper technique, following the curriculum suggested by USA Gymnastics, with developmental levels aimed at progression rather than competition. After a warm-up, students train on up to three events during each class, and exceptional talent may be invited to explore our competitive program.

Join us for the annual Rainbow Classic show, where all students are invited to participate, and for girls over 6, don’t miss our yearly team tryouts for a chance to join the best of the best based on available openings.

  • ELevel 1

Beginner’s Level
It takes several months to overcome each level, but how fast a student progress depends on how often a student practices. Students who come 2 or more times per week, often move up faster.

  • ELevel 2-4

Require more strength, more flexibility and with that said, they also require more practicing. Learning proper gymnastics is a process. It takes months of repetition before the skill is executed correctly and safely. For this reason, we highly recommend practicing at least twice a week.

  • EPlacement

When your child is placed in a level it is based on their flexibility, strength, and current level skills on all the apparatus. A child may have higher skills on one apparatus and be below average on the others. Therefore, they are placed in the level of their lower apparatus skills to guarantee they will be in a safe environment and at a level where they feel competent.

  • EProgress

Students who are taking 2 or more classes per week, progress faster! Advancement to the next level is based on the completion of skill/routines in the child’s current level. Your child’s coach keeps an up-to-date chart on each child. The coach can easily give you a progress report. We encourage you to talk with your child’s coach for a progress report or if you have any questions regarding your child’s training.
As their skill level increases, they will be advanced to the next level. There is really no set time frame for advancement. It depends on the child’s natural ability, number of hours of training each week, and their desire to achieve a higher skill level. We encourage at least 2 hours of training each week.

Testing for skills and advancement is done every 3 months for levels 1-3.

Monthly Fee: $89.00 
Annual Fee of $45 per child and $30 per siblings is due at the time of registration.
2nd Class 10% Off

Curious about all the excitement? Dive into the fun with a complimentary class at Brown’s Gym! Experience firsthand the joy and energy that fills our gym – because the best way to know is to join in the laughter and discover the fun for yourself!