Team Program

Elevate your gymnastics journey with Brown’s Team Program. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, our team program offers a competitive edge while fostering skill refinement, teamwork, and a passion for gymnastics excellence.

Participation in the Brown’s Gym Orbit Team is both an honor and a year-long commitment.

With a focus on excellence, our dedicated coaches follow the USA Gymnastics program, aiming not only to maximize each student’s potential but also to instill qualities like self-esteem, discipline, and a strong work ethic

We like to win, but winning is not our priority – children, and their overall development, are. We respect each student and require their respect in return, respect for each other, and each person on our team, and opponent teams. Our mission is building mentally and physically strong children proud of their achievements.

Our Junior Olympic Team Level 1-4 brought home even 21 gold medal from their State Meet 2019! Amara Carter won all around in Level 1, Ella Concepcion won all around in Level 2. Our Team Level 2 earned the most points and took 1st Place!

Our Junior Olympic Team Level 1-3 brought home over 30 gold medals from their State meet 2018! At the same time even 9 girls won all around in their age groups.


Junior Olympics program Levels 1-3 are considered “Developmental,” meaning they are for developing proficiency requirements in the USAG Entry and Mobility Chart. Levels 4-5 are “Compulsory” in that they are progressive in nature and require each athlete to compete the exact same routine during competitions. Levels 6-10 are the “Optional” levels. Women’s Artistic JO Level 1-10 scores range from 0-10.00 for each of the four events. The annual culmination of Levels 1-7 is the State Championship, while qualified Levels 8 and up compete at the Regional level. At Level 9 athletes may also advance to compete at a (Eastern or Western) National Championship, while qualified Level 10s may advance to the National Championships.


The XCEL Program was created as a national program in 2013. XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. There are five divisions in the XCEL program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All of the XCEL divisions compete with optional routines and need to follow only 4-5 routine requirements. Basically each gymnast can have her routine choreographed for her personality and individual strengths and weaknesses.

Excited to learn more about our Team Program? Contact us today for comprehensive details and experience it firsthand. We welcome you to be a part of our amazing program, where excellence meets passion!