Tumbling Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to perfect advanced skills, our expert instructors provide a supportive environment for developing tumbling prowess, enhancing strength, flexibility, and overall athletic ability.

Flips, Fun, and Fitness!

Tumbling is a form of floor gymnastics. It does not involve the use of apparatuses. Tumbling requires athletes to run, use their strength and bodies to perform flips and/or twists in the air. Tumbling drills are taught using the TumbleTrak & Trampoline apparatus’ to learn body control and awareness in order to bring those skills to the spring floor. Tumbling can range from a single skill to connecting a series of acrobatic movements. The basics of Tumbling in gymnastics are arguably the most important fundamentals for a successful all-around athlete.

Join us for the annual Rainbow Classic show, where all students are invited to participate, and for girls over 6, don’t miss our yearly team tryouts for a chance to join the best of the best based on available openings.

Curious about all the excitement? Dive into the fun with a complimentary class at Brown’s Gym! Experience firsthand the joy and energy that fills our gym – because the best way to know is to join in the laughter and discover the fun for yourself!